Our beautiful modern wooden Villa Arbaro **** was built in June 2019 and can offer enough
space for 6 + 2 people. Villa Arbaro is deliberately 100 square meters large to allow as much
of the beautifully landscaped environment to stay green thus creating a natural environment
where you can enjoy peace and quiet. Villa Arbaro is located near Zagreb (Croatia). Zagreb
Airport is only 20 minutes by car, and Zagreb City Center is only 30 minutes away.
The word Arbaro in Esperanto means wood/forest, which perfectly describes a wooden
house surrounded by forest and greenery.
The location of the house is very interesting. It is surrounded by hills and beautiful
landscapes, cycling  and mountain trails, interesting historical and cultural heritage, local
gastronomy and other activities. Villa Arbaro also offers a wellness package, an outdoor
swimming pool and a sauna and other numerous entertaining facilities for children and
adults, a barbecue, a fire pit, as well as 5 bikes.
The house and the landscaped grounds are fenced, so they guarantee complete privacy.
Of course, nothing would have been possible without our clear vision and a great team of
architects, constructors and landscape designers, as well as professionals involved in its
In Villa Arbaro you can enjoy the peace and quiet that nature can offer you with all the
benefits of a modern home. All three bedrooms and the large living room have air-
conditioning, TV and Wi-Fi. Handmade and stylish kitchen as well as bathrooms (one of
which has a Finnish sauna) will create a sense of pleasure and enjoyment as if you were in
your own home.
As a bonus, you will also get a fantastic view of the forest that blends in with the sky on the
horizon, offering an incredible range of magnificent sunset colors, as well as views of
beautiful Zagreb from the large terrace. Just like sunsets, the mornings offer an incredible
sense of comfort and peacefulness by listening to the stillness which surrounds you.
So, feel free to contact us, book your desired date and enjoy everything that our beautifully
decorated wooden Villa Arbaro, as well as the forest, greenery, view, peace and quiet can
give you.

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